SMR started just over 5 months ago and since then the site has had 73 posts, over 16,500+ visits, and 120+ comments but now we want to call on you. Our goal is to provide a resource that clinicians, researchers, and students from various sports medicine-related fields from around the world (SMR has been viewed in over 60 countries) can use to stay up-to-date and discuss the latest research. In pursuit of this goal, we have contacted sports medicine-related organizations around the world, education programs, and started a writing staff that includes physical therapists and athletic trainers (both including clinicians and researchers). This summer we will be reaching out again to sports medicine education and training programs around the world to ask their staff/faculty and students/trainees to become engaged with SMR. Furthermore, we would like to encourage everyone currently using SMR to participate in the discussions (most commenters don’t bite). Sports medicine is a multidisciplinary field and together we can make SMR a site where the various disciplines can discuss new research and hopefully by doing so we can improve patient care and identify areas that require further research. If you have any questions about SMR’s ability to meet this aim then I suggest you read some of the posts and comments related to patellofemoral pain where multiple disciplines are discussing rehabilitation programs and identifying areas that need further research (graduate students looking for a thesis should check that last part out).

We have over 300 people following the site and we would love to have you join the discussion. If you find or publish an article that you would like to see discuss please feel free to email Jeff Driban (click name to email). Furthermore, if you have any suggestions or comments about how we can improve the site please post them below or email Jeff Driban.

We look forward to our discussion,
Jeffrey Driban
Stephen Thomas