This Wednesday (3/16/2011) represents the beginning of our third month operating the Sports Medicine Research (SMR) Website. We think we have come a long way in a short time but we also recognize that we need to continue to evolve to better serve the sports medicine community. In this pursuit, we would like to review how your input has helped shaped SMR and ask for your help to improve the site…
A look back (1/16/11 to 3/16/11):
1.  SMR has been viewed over 3,500 times in two months.
2. SMR averages over 65 views per day.
3. SMR has been viewed in 10 countries.
4. SMR has posted 23 articles ranging from concussions to Achilles tendon healing.
5. SMR has progressed to 3 posts per week
6. SMR has added a third regular collaborator and our two guest collaborators who we hope to have a post from soon.
Based on your feedback we have…
1. set up RSS and email subscription services (~40 email subscribers; ~25 RSS subscribers).
2. added a search feature to the site.
3. added shortcuts on the top of each page to key topics (or labels on the right of each page).
4. acquired two new shorter web addresses: and
5. set up two methods for you to follow us on facebook via NetworkedBlogs or our Facebook page.       
6. clarified how to receive a notification when a response is posted to your comments.
Based on your feedback we plan to…
1. start themed weeks (once per month).
2. add more regular collaborators and guest collaborators.
3. progress to daily posts
SMR plans to continue to try and improve our service to the sports medicine community. To achieve this goal please feel free to post comments with your feedback, suggestions, and/or other comments. If you prefer you can email Jeff directly (click here).
As we move forward with our current plans we would also be interested to know what topics you would like to see covered for the themed weeks. If you feel that a particular area of sports medicine is being under represented on the site please let us know and if you know a researcher who may be willing and interested to help us fill that void please let us know (either as a regular or guest contributor). We recognize that we are biased towards our research interests and are limited in the insights we can provide on some studies.
The aim of SMR is to better serve the sports medicine community and we can only achieve this goal with your help. Please let us know what we can do to help you.
Thanks in advance for your feedback and happy reading.
Jeffrey Driban
Stephen Thomas