Are you a clinician, researcher, or PhD/DAT student interested in gaining experience explaining the latest research to those who matter most? Then consider helping Sports Med Res.

We are looking for people to help write posts or participate in podcast episodes. We are also looking for clinicians that can offer 1-3 sentence clinical take-home messages from posts/papers.

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Kyle Harris: “I cannot begin to describe how beneficial being a @sportsmedres contributor has helped me build and maintain my writing skills. You also get to work with amazing people and help your fellow clinicians. What more could you want? Consider joining this awesome team!”

Jane McDevitt: “I love contributing to this blog. I stay up to date with the research and venture out of my specific field. Hope you come on board!”

Danielle Torp: “Being a @sportsmedres contributor is an amazing opportunity! I had a lot of trouble being able to convey research findings in a clear and concise manner, but I gained a lot of knowledge and experience with SMR blog. And you get to network with a super team!”

Alexandra DeJong Lempke: “Great way to stay up-to-date on new articles, and communicate research findings succinctly and effectively.”

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