Olympic Committee consensus statement on pain management in elite athletes
Hainline B, Derman W, Vernec A, Budgett
R, Deie M, Dvořák J, Harle C, Herring SA, McNamee M, Meeuwisse W, Lorimer
Moseley G, Omololu B, Orchard J, Pipe A, Pluim BM, Ræder J, Siebert C17,
Stewart M, Stuart M, Turner JA, Ware M, Zideman D, Engebretsen L. Br J Sports
Med. 2017 Sep;51(17):1245-1258. doi: 10.1136/bjsports-2017-097884.
The International Olympic Committee
convened a consensus meeting, which led to this consensus paper on the
multifaceted aspects of pain physiology and pain management in elite athletes.
The major headings were..
  • Prevalence of use of pharmacological and
    non-pharmacological treatments to manage pain in elite athletes
  • Types of pain
  • Mechanisms and types of injury
  • Core principles of making a diagnosis in
    elite athletes in pain
  • Non-pharmacological pain management
    strategies in elite athletes
  • Pharmacological pain management strategies
    in elite athletes
  • Medication management based on pain
    severity and anticipated RTP
  • Pain management strategies when expected
    recovery is delayed
  • Antidoping issues in pain management
  • Special considerations: Paralympic athletes
  • Ethical issues
  • Future directions