International Olympic Committee
consensus statement on thermoregulatory and altitude challenges for high-level
Bergeron MF,
Bahr R, Bartsch P, Bourdon L, Calbet JA, Carlsen KH, Castagna O, Alonso JM,
Lundby C, Maughan R, Millet GP, Mountjoy M, Racinais S, Rasmussen P, Singh DG,
Subudhi AW, Young AJ, Soligard T, Engebretsen L. Br J Sports Med. 2012 Jun 9.
[Epub ahead of print]
International Olympic Committee Medical Commission has released a consensus
statement regarding the thermoregulatory and altitude challenges for elite
athletes. The goal of the statement is “to highlight selected key
environment-related risk factors that continue to challenge Olympic and other
international-level athletes. The other priority is to re-emphasise and provide
additional recommendations to address and minimise those risks associated with
recent and ongoing incidents of environmentally prompted illness, injury and
death in sport.” To date we have been unable to find free access to this
statement but it may eventually be posted at the Medical
Commission’s website