‘Treatment of the Sportsman’s groin’:
British Hernia Society’s 2014 position statement based on the Manchester
Consensus Conference
Sheen AJ,
Stephenson BM, Lloyd DM, Robinson P, Fevre D, Paajanen H, de Beaux A,
Kingsnorth A, Gilmore OJ, Bennett D, Maclennan I, O’Dwyer P, Sanders D, Kurzer
M. Br J Sports Med. 2013 Dec 10. doi: 10.1136/bjsports-2013-092872. [Epub ahead
of print]
The British Hernia Society organized
a meeting to “produce a multidisciplinary consensus to determine the current
position on the nomenclature, definition, diagnosis, imaging modalities and
management of Sportsman’s groin (SG).” The statement includes an introduction,
statement on background to consensus process, imaging of the symphysis pubis
and inguinal canal, radiological intervention techniques, surgical techniques, rehabilitation,
and a summary. The statement is centered on 8 key questions:
“1. What
appropriate nomenclature would be acceptable for this condition?
2. What
pathology if any is present?
3. What
imaging modalities or diagnostic techniques are advised?
4. Is surgery
always advised?
5. If yes to
surgery, then what operation should be undertaken?
6. What other
treatment modalities would you use?
7. What
repair would you undertake for a primary presentation?
8. What
repair or management would you recommend for a recurrence?”