The Use of Biologics in NFL Athletes: An Expert Consensus of NFL Team Physicians

Murray IR, McAdams TR, Hammond KE, Haddad FS, Rodeo SA, Abrams GD; a Group of American Professional Football Physicians; Bankston L, Bedi A, Boublik M, Bowen M, Bradley JP, Cooper DE, Craythorne C, Curl LA, ElAttrache N, Gazzaniga DS, Kaplan K, Khalfayan EE, Larson C, Pepe M, Price MD, Schroeppel JP, Voos J, Waslewski G, West R. Orthop J Sports Med. 2023 Feb 10;11(2):23259671221143778. doi: 10.1177/23259671221143778. PMID: 36798799; PMCID: PMC9926009.

Full Text is Freely Available

Physicians from National Football League (NFL) teams and NFL London developed a consensus on 47 statements related to the use of biologics (e.g., platelet-rich plasma, cell-based therapies) among NFL team physicians (see the list on the last page of the PDF). The document covers the challenges of treating NFL athletes, terminology, blood products (e.g., platelet-rich plasma), cell-based therapies, guidance for physicians, and future research.

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