The Australian Institute of Sport Framework for Rebooting Sport in a COVID-19 Environment

David Hughes, Richard Saw, Nirmala Kanthi Panagodage Perera, Mathew Mooney, Alice Wallett, Jennifer Cooke, Nick Coatsworth, Carolyn Broderick. Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport. Available online 6 May 2020

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The Australian Institute of Sport, in consultation with sport partners, has developed a framework to inform the resumption of sport. The framework is based on current best evidence and guidelines from the Australian federal government. The framework “is a timely tool of minimum baseline of standards, for ‘how’ reintroduction of sport activity will occur in a cautious and methodical manner, based on the best available evidence to optimise athlete and community safety. Decisions regarding the timing of resumption (the ‘when’) of sporting activity must be made in close consultation with Federal, State/Territory and Local Public Health Authorities. The priority at all times must be to preserve public health, minimising the risk of community transmission.” The document covers transmission, pathophysiology, prevention, testing, management, pandemic impacts on sport, and the framework.

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