Welcome to Sports Medicine Research (SMR) a blog devoted to objectively summarizing and describing the clinical relevance of basic, translational, and clinical research manuscripts that may be relevant to certified athletic trainers and other sports medicine health care professionals. Several times per week we will try to post 1 to 2 paragraph summaries and statements of clinical relevance for several articles. Both authors (Stephen Thomas, and myself) are certified athletic trainers with diverse research backgrounds. We are interested in providing a medium for distributing cutting edge research, making it clinically meaningful, and fostering discussions via post comments. Please be patient as we get the process started. Our goal will be to have 1 to 3 posts per week and eventually progress to a post per day. We hope that you enjoy this blog, will contribute to the discussions, ask questions, answer questions, and provide feedback for how we can better serve our readers.

Best wishes,
Jeffrey Driban, PhD, ATC, CSSC
Stephen Thomas, PhD, ATC