Top Sports Medicine
Research Posts of 2014

  1. Hip
    Strengthening Better than Quads for Patellofemoral Pain
    . Post by Nicole
  2. A
    Novel Rehabilitation Program To Improve Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome Outcomes
    Post by Neal Glaviano
  3. PNF
    Stretching Increases Ankle Dorsiflexion Range of Motion and Decreases Tendon
    Stiffness Following a 6 Week Program
    . Post by Kyle Harris
  4. Fixed
    or Failed Cuff Repair: What Difference Does it Make?
    Post by Katie
  5. Hypertension
    among Collegiate Football Athletes – Too Much Pressure?
    Post by Kris
  6. Minor
    Scapular Asymmetries May be Normal
    . Post by Jason Brucker and Kris
  7. Cross-Education
    Strength and Activation After Eccentric Exercise
    . Post by Blake
    Crosby, Jennifer Payne, and Kimberly Pritchard
  8. Altered
    Lower Extremity Biomechanics Following an ACL Injury and Surgery May Increase
    the Risk of Reinjury
    . Post by Kyle Harris
  9. Time
    and Cost of Diagnosis for Symptomatic Femoroacetabular Impingement
    . Post by
    Meghan Miller
  10. Kinesiotaping
    with Exercise Versus Manual Therapy with Exercise in Patients with Subacromial
    nt Syndrome. Post by Kayla Green, Lauren Hankle, and Kimberly

Other Notable Posts