of Agreement From the Targeted Evaluation and Active Management (TEAM)
Approaches to Treating Concussion Meeting Held in Pittsburgh, October 15-16,
Collins MW, Kontos AP, Okonkwo DO,
Almquist J, Bailes J, Barisa M, Bazarian J, Bloom OJ, Brody D, Cantu R,
Cardenas J, Clugston J, Cohen R, Echemendia R, Elbin RJ, Ellenbogen R, Fonseca
J, Gioia G, Guskiewicz K, Heyer R, Hotz G, Iverson GL, Jordan B, Manley G,
Maroon J, McAllister T, McCrea M, Mucha A, Pieroth E, Podell K, Pombo M, Shetty
T, Sills A, Solomon G, Thomas DG, Valovich McLeod TC, Yates T, Zafonte R.
Neurosurgery. 2016 Oct 12. [Epub ahead
of print]
In October 2015, a meeting of 37 experts
was convened to describe “the current landscape of treatment for concussion and
to provide summary agreements related to treatment to assist clinicians in the
treatment of concussion.” The document includes 16 statements regarding the “(1)
Summary of the Current Approach to Treating Concussion, (2) Heterogeneity and
Evolving Clinical Profiles of Concussion, (3) TEAM Approach to Concussion
Treatment: Specific Strategies, and (4) Future Directions: A Call to Research”.