Statement on Methods in Sport Injury Research From the First METHODS MATTER Meeting, Copenhagen, 2019.

Nielsen RØ, Shrier I, Casals M, Nettel-Aguirre A, Møller M, Bolling C, Bittencourt NFN, Clarsen B, Wedderkopp N, Soligard T, Timpka T, Emery CA, Bahr R, Jacobsson J, Whiteley R, Dahlström Ö, van Dyk N, Pluim BM, Stamatakis E, Palacios-Derflingher L, Fagerland MW, Khan KM, Ardern CL, Verhagen E. J Orthop Sports Phys Ther. 2020 May;50(5):226-233. doi: 10.2519/jospt.2020.9876. PMID: 32354314.

Full Text is Freely Available

“The 1st METHODS MATTER Meeting, held in January 2019 in Copenhagen, Denmark, was the forum for an international group of researchers with expertise in research methods to discuss sports injury methods. We discussed important epidemiological and statistical topics within the field of sports injury research. With this opinion document, we provide the main take-home messages that emerged from the meeting.” Twelve recommendations are offered in a table.

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