Sports Specialization and Intensive
Training in Young Athletes
JS; Council on Sports Medicine and Fitness. Pediatrics. 2016 Aug 29. pii:
e20162148. [Epub ahead of print]
clinical report replaces a previous American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) policy
statement entitled ‘Intensive Training and Sports Specialization in Young
Athletes’ and is complementary to the AAP clinical report ‘Overuse Injuries,
Overtraining, and Burnout in Child and Adolescent Athletes.’ This report
reviews the epidemiology of youth sports and the background of specialization,
highlights specific physiologic concerns with intensive training, answers
specific questions pertaining to sports specialization in athletes <18
years, and offers guidance for pediatricians to help their young athlete
patients and their parents.” The document concludes with 9 points of guidance
for an athlete, parent, or coach.