Sports Med Res will not have any posts during the 64th National Athletic Trainers’ Association
Annual Meeting and Clinical Symposia
(Monday, June 24 to Thursday, June 27).
We will be
sharing news and updates from the annual meeting on our social media sites.
Also, next weekend look for a Sports Med
podcast from the annual meeting.
Several Sports Med Res Collaborators will be
presenting at this year’s meeting:
Tuesday, June 25th
Knowledge and
Perception of Concussions (Free Communication):
Concussion Occurrence and Perception
Survey for Athletes (COPSA)
Jane McDevitt
Palm C
Assessment of
the Throwing Athlete (Free Communication):
Dominant vs. Non-Dominant Shoulder and
Elbow Range-of-Motion Differences in Softball Pitchers
, Laura McDonald
Palm D
Thursday, June 27th
Factors Associated with Injury (Free Communication):
Patients with Osteoarthritis and a
History of Sport Participation Consume More Medication and Supplement for
Managing Joint Symptoms than Patients with Osteoarthritis and No History of
Sport Participation: A Cross-sectional Study
, Jeffrey Driban
Palm D