Consensus Statement: The Treatment of Muscle Tears in Sport
Fernandez-Jaén TF, Rey
GÁ, Cuesta JA, Loureda RA, España FÁ, Matas RB, Pazos FB, de Dios Beas Jiménez
J, Rosell JC, Fernandez CC, Ros FE, Colmenero JE, de Prado JF, Cota JJ,
González JI, Santander MG, Munilla MÁ, Ruiz FI, Díaz FJ, Marqueta PM, Fernandez
AM, Benito JJ, Vilás RO, Teres XP, Amaro JP, Roque JP, Parenteu CR, Serna JR,
Álvarez MS, Marchori CS, Soto Mdel V, Alonso JM, García PG, de la Iglesia NH,
Alcorocho JM. Orthop J Sports Med. 2016 Feb 4;3(12):2325967115622434. doi:
10.1177/2325967115622434. eCollection 2015.
“Under the patronage of
The Spanish Society for Sports Traumatology (SETRADE), The Spanish Federation
of Sports Medicine (FEMEDE), The Spanish Association of Medical Services for
Football Clubs (AEMEF), and The Spanish Association of Medical Services for
Basketball Clubs (AEMB) with the aim of establishing a round table that would
allow specialists to consider the most appropriate current general actions to
be taken when treating muscle tears in sport…” The results of the consensus
statements are divided into 4 phases: inflammatory; degenerative and
vascularization; cell-stimulating, proliferative, and fibrotic; and remodeling.