Return to sport decisions after an acute lateral ankle sprain injury: introducing the PAASS framework-an international multidisciplinary consensus

Smith MD, Vicenzino B, Bahr R, Bandholm T, Cooke R, Mendonça LM, Fourchet F, Glasgow P, Gribble PA, Herrington L, Hiller CE, Lee SY, Macaluso A, Meeusen R, Owoeye OBA, Reid D, Tassignon B, Terada M, Thorborg K, Verhagen E, Verschueren J, Wang D, Whiteley R, Wikstrom EA, Delahunt E. Br J Sports Med. 2021 Nov;55(22):1270-1276. doi: 10.1136/bjsports-2021-104087. Epub 2021 Jun 22. PMID: 34158354.

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Authors of a new international multidisciplinary consensus statement developed a “consensus for assessment items that should inform RTS [return to sport] decisions for individuals who have sustained an acute lateral ankle sprain injury. This is the first step for developing RTS criteria for acute lateral ankle sprain injuries.” The authors propose a PAASS framework for what should be assessed after a lateral ankle sprain to inform to return to sport decisions: “Pain (during sport participation and over the last 24 hours), Ankle impairments (range of motion; muscle strength, endurance and power), Athlete perception (perceived ankle confidence/reassurance and stability; psychological readiness), Sensorimotor control (proprioception; dynamic postural control/balance), Sport/functional performance (hopping, jumping and agility; sport-specific drills; ability to complete a full training session).”

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