Asian Pacific Society of Cardiology Consensus Recommendations for Pre-participation Screening in Young Competitive Athletes

Wang L, Yeo TJ, Tan B, Destrube B, Tong KL, Tan SY, Chan G, Huang Z, Tan F, Wang YC, Lee JY, Fung E, Mak GYK, So R, Wanlapakorn C, Ambari AM, Cuenza L, Koh CH, Tan JWC. Eur Cardiol. 2021 Nov 8;16:e44. doi: 10.15420/ecr.2021.26. PMID: 34815752; PMCID: PMC8591617.

Full Text is Freely Available

A working group for the Asian Pacific Society of Cardiology created a consensus statement to provide guidance on the need for cardiovascular pre-participation screening for young competitive athletes based on the intensity of sports they engage in. The document includes 5 statements.

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