National Athletic Trainers’ Association Position Statement: Preventing Sudden Death in Sports

Casa DJ, Guskiewicz KM, Anderson SA, Courson RW, Heck JF, Jimenez CC, McDermott BP, Miller MG, Stearns RL, Swartz EE, Walsh. Journal of Athletic Training. 2012;47(1):1-24.
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The National Athletic Trainers’s Association has released a position statement intended to provide recommendations “for the prevention and screening, recognition, and treatment of the most common conditions resulting in sudden death in organized sports.” The overall goal of this document “is to guide the development of policies and procedures that can minimize the occurrence of catastrophic incidents in athletes.”

The position statement covers 10 conditions: 
1. asthma
2. catastrophic brain injuries
3. cervical spine injuries
4. diabetes
5. exertional heat stroke
6. exertional hyponatremia
7. exertional sickling
8. head-down contact in football
9. lightening
10. sudden cardiac arrest