Olympic Committee consensus statement on youth athletic development
Bergeron MF, Mountjoy M,
Armstrong N, Chia M, Côté J, Emery CA, Faigenbaum A, Hall Jr G, Kriemler S, Léglise
M, Malina RM, Pensgaard AM, Sanchez A, Soligard T, Sundgot-Borgen J, van
Mechelen W, Weissensteiner JR, Engebretsen L. Br J Sports Med 2015;49:843-851.
The International
Olympic Committee has released a consensus statement on youth athletic
development. The IOC asked an expert panel to “highlight key considerations and
challenges in competitive youth sport, and critically evaluate the current
state of science and practice of youth athlete development” and to “create
guidelines for a sustainable model to develop healthy, resilient and capable
youth athletes, while providing opportunities for all levels of sport
participation and success.” The document covers assessments of biological
maturity status and timing, physiological and performance changes across
maturation, as well as the challenges to health, well-being and performance
(specialization, injury, other health concerns, prevention strategies, psychological
overload from excessive demands/expectations, nutrition, eating disorders,
environmental challenges). There is also a section devoted to youth athletic
development. The document concludes with a list of the IOC recommendations and
a call to action.