International Association of Dental Traumatology Guidelines For the Management of Traumatic Dental Injuries: 1. Fractures and Luxations of Permanent Teeth
Diangelis AJ, Andreasen JO, Ebeleseder KA, Kenny DJ, Trope M, Sigurdsson A, Andersson L, Bourguignon C, Flores MT, Hicks ML, Lenzi AR, Malmgren B,Moule AJ, Pohl Y, Tsukiboshi M. Dent Traumatol. 2012 Feb;28(1):2-12. doi: 10.1111/j.1600-9657.2011.01103.x.
The International Association of Dental Traumatology has updated their 2007 guidelines for the management of traumatic dental injuries. “The primary goal of these guidelines is to delineate an approach for the immediate or urgent care of TDIs [traumatic dental injuries].” This update is part one of a three part series to be released in 2012: Part 1-Fractures and luxations of permanent teeth, Part II-Avulsion of permanent teeth, and Part 3-Injuries in the primary dentition.
At the time of this post, this update is not publicly available for free. Free full text copies of the three-part 2007 guidelines are available at It’s likely that the updated versions will also be placed on this page. If you come across the guidelines with free access on a different page please share the link below in the comments.