Recommendations for Developing a Plan to Recognize and Refer Student-Athletes
With Psychological Concerns at the Secondary School Level: A Consensus
Neal TL, Diamond AB,
Goldman S, Liedtka K, Mathis K, Morse ED, Putukian M, Quandt E, Ritter SJ,
Sullivan JP, Welzant V. J Athl Train.
2015 Mar 2. [Epub ahead of print]
An international work
group that was composed of representative from 8 national organizations and an attorney
experienced in sports medicine and health-related litigations have drafted a consensus
statement regarding developing a plan to recognize and refer to student
athletes with psychological concerns at the secondary school level. “The
purpose of this consensus statement is for the reader to take the information
provided and develop an appropriate plan for his or her institution to address
the psychological concerns of student-athletes as part of a comprehensive sports
medicine health care program.” The document includes a concise executive summary,
background information and sections related to the recognition of psychological
concerns in student-athletes, special considerations that may affect the
psychological health of the student-athlete, and referral of the student-athlete
for psychological evaluation and care.