Heat Safety in the Workplace: Modified Delphi Consensus to Establish Strategies and Resources to Protect the US Workers

Morrissey MC, Casa DJ, Brewer GJ, Adams WM, Hosokawa Y, Benjamin CL, Grundstein AJ, Hostler D, McDermott BP, McQuerry ML, Stearns RL, Filep EM, DeGroot DW, Fulcher J, Flouris AD, Huggins RA, Jacklitsch BL, Jardine JF, Lopez RM, McCarthy RB, Pitisladis Y, Pryor RR, Schlader ZJ, Smith CJ, Smith DL, Spector JT, Vanos JK, Williams WJ, Vargas NT, Yeargin SW. Geohealth. 2021 Aug 1;5(8):e2021GH000443. doi: 10.1029/2021GH000443. PMID: 34471788; PMCID: PMC8388206.

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An interdisciplinary group of 51 experts provided a consensus statement to offer “feasible, evidence‐based occupational heat safety recommendations to protect the US workers that experience heat stress. Heat safety recommendations were created to protect worker health and to avoid productivity losses associated with occupational heat stress. Recommendations were tailored to be utilized by safety managers, industrial hygienists, and the employers who bear responsibility for implementing heat safety plans.” They offered 40 recommendations for 8 topics: (a) heat hygiene, (b) hydration, (c) heat acclimatization, (d) environmental monitoring, (e) physiological monitoring, (f) body cooling, (g) textiles and personal protective gear, and (h) emergency action plan implementation.

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