Disease-specific Nutritional Physical Therapy: A Position Paper by the Japanese Association of Rehabilitation Nutrition

Inoue T, Takeuchi I, Iida Y, Takahashi K, Nagano F, Miyazaki S, Shirado K, Yoshimura Y, Momosaki R, Maeda K, Wakabayashi H. JMA J. 2022 Apr 15;5(2):252-262. doi: 10.31662/jmaj.2021-0202. Epub 2022 Mar 25. PMID: 35611233; PMCID: PMC9090541.

Full Text is Freely Available

“The physical therapist division of the Japanese Association of Rehabilitation Nutrition, with advice from the Japanese Society of Nutrition and Swallowing Physical Therapy, developed this review…to discuss the impact of disease-specific nutritional physical therapy on sarcopenia and frailty in community-dwelling older adults, obesity and metabolic syndrome, critical illness, musculoskeletal diseases, stroke, respiratory diseases, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, renal disease, cancer, and sports [2 paragraphs].” The document also addresses anorexia (2 paragraphs) and nutrition intake before and after musculoskeletal surgery.

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