Health and Elite Sport Performance
Ian Needleman, Paul Ashley, Peter Fine, Fares
Haddad, Mike Loosemore, Akbar de Medici2, Nikos Donos, Tim Newton, Ken van
Someren, Rebecca Moazzez, Rod Jaques, Glenn Hunter, Karim Khan, Mark Shimmin,
John Brewer, Lyndon Meehan, Steve Mills, Stephen Porter. Br J Sports Med 2014:
epub ahead of print. doi:10.1136/bjsports-2014-093804
The British Journal of Sports Medicine and British Dental Journal have published a consensus statement regarding oral health among elite athletes.
The authors hope “to raise awareness of the issues of oral health in elite
sport and recommends strategies for prevention and health promotion in addition
to future research strategies.” This four page document concludes with a
summary and recommendations regarding oral health in elite athletes.