Clinical Implications of Scapular Dyskinesis
in Shoulder Injury: The 2013 Consensus Statement From the ‘Scapular Summit’

Kibler WB,
Ludewig PM, McClure PW, Michener LA, Bak K, Sciascia AD. Br J Sports Med. doi:10.1136/bjsports-2013-092425
[Epub ahead of Print 11 April 2013]
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not available online for free.

A consensus
statement has been released from the Second International Consensus Conference
on the Scapula. The consensus statement reviews gross anatomy, basic movement
patterns in the shoulder, a definition of scapular dyskinesis, how the scapula
is involved in shoulder injuries, the scapula in sports, as well as clinical
assessment and management.

The consensus
statement is also complemented by an editorial entitled “Introduction to the Second International Conference on Scapular Dyskinesis in Shoulder Injury—the ‘Scapular Summit’ Report of 2013” by Kibler and Sciascia.