Consensus Guidelines on Interventional Therapies for Knee Pain (STEP Guidelines) from the American Society of Pain and Neuroscience

Hunter CW, Deer TR, Jones MR, Chang Chien GC, D’Souza RS, Davis T, Eldon ER, Esposito MF, Goree JH, Hewan-Lowe L, Maloney JA, Mazzola AJ, Michels JS, Layno-Moses A, Patel S, Tari J, Weisbein JS, Goulding KA, Chhabra A, Hassebrock J, Wie C, Beall D, Sayed D, Strand N. J Pain Res. 2022 Sep 8;15:2683-2745. doi: 10.2147/JPR.S370469. PMID: 36132996; PMCID: PMC9484571.

Full Text is Freely Available

“The authors present an all-encompassing set of guidelines on the treatment of knee pain based on an extensive literature search and data grading for each of the available alternative that will allow practitioners the ability to compare and contrast each option.” The document addresses an array of topics including, patient evaluation and imaging, common conditions that cause knee pain, conservative care (e.g., medication, physical therapy, medical equipment (e.g., braces), injection-based therapies, nerve ablation, regenerative therapies (e.g., PRP), neurostimulation.

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