ACSM Expert Consensus Statement on Weight Loss in Weight-Category Sports

Burke LM, Slater GJ, Matthews JJ, Langan-Evans C, Horswill CA. Curr Sports Med Rep. 2021 Apr 1;20(4):199-217. doi: 10.1249/JSR.0000000000000831. PMID: 33790193.

Full Text is Freely Available

“This consensus statement provides a summary of factors that should be considered and replaces the 1996 ACSM Position stand on Weight Loss in Wrestlers.” The authors discuss characteristics across different weight-category sports that influence weight-making practices. “The sports include combat (e.g., boxing, martial and mixed martial arts [MMA], wrestling), weightlifting, powerlifting, sprint football, and rowing.” The authors also discuss 1) common weight-making practices, 2) opportunities for recovery after weigh-in, 3) concerns associated with weight-making practices, as well as 4) programs and rule changes to address unsafe weight-making practices.

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