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Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Taking Steps after Ankle Sprains (Webinar)

Danielle Torp, a Sports Med Res contributor and PhD Student at the University of North Caroline - Charlotte, leads our webinar entitled "Taking Steps after Ankle Sprains".


Julia-Heya Karcic, DPM MBA said...

Very enlightening! Have there been any studies on the longterm ability of patients with CAI to maintain a neutral gait pattern following the biofeedback training?

Danielle Torp said...

Dr. Karcic,

Thank you for your interest in our webinar. To my knowledge there is no other study which utilizes internal and external focus feedbacks during gait in patients with CAI. Currently, there is only one published study on the neuromechanical effect of gait re-training in a CAI population, however they used a novel device aimed to activate the lateral musculature to promote a less inverted foot position during walking. The results of this study show patients with CAI were able to improve their peroneus longus activity during stance which helped shift the center of pressure more medially, following 5 sessions of gait training. While the long term effects and retention of movement changes using these feedback devices are unknown, we believe the current literature would suggest patients with CAI have the ability to alter their gait using these devices.

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